Woman Drops Pants At Dick’s Drive-In, Performs Lewd Act Not On The Menu

This weekend, a woman walked into a Seattle burger joint, fought with the staff and then dropped her pants for no particular reason.

According to reports, the unidentified woman went into a rage after the manager at Dick’s Drive-In asked her to leave, sparking the disgruntled female to hurl condiments behind the counter before pulling her pants down and performing a “lewd act in front of Dick’s.”

We’ll just leave that sentence right there for you.

The woman caused $75 worth of damage and has been arrested and booked for harassment and assault.

Would you like fries with that?

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Creepy Stalker Texts “I’m Watching You” From Under Victim’s Bed

The life of a 16-year-old girl in Cheshire, England turned into something straight out of a horror movie when, on July 3, when she received a text message that said: “I’m watching you.” Her creepy stalker only got creepier from there, telling her of how he was going to hang himself outside of her first-floor bedroom window.

According to reports from the Chester Magistrates’ Court, the person sending the texts was 18-year-old Kyle Ravenscroft of Ellesmere Port. On the night in question, he made the long walk from his home to the girl’s home in Cheshire, hoping she would see him outside. He even texted her that he was on the grounds of her home.

Frightened, the girl spent that evening sleeping in her mother’s room. During the night, she received a text saying he was in the house. The girl didn’t believe that he was in the house, but she was certain he was nearby.

She ventured down into her room the next morning, but couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. Nothing seemed out of place, until she noticed the shoe boxes under her bed. Normally, they were very straight and tidy. However, on this morning, they were far from the usual organized stacks. She crouched down and looked under the bed, where she found Ravenscroft hiding. When she asked what he was doing under her bed, Ravenscroft reportedly replied that he had been asleep. Her mother came in quickly after, and ordered him to leave. Ravenscroft fled the scene, but not without stealing the girl’s phone.

The mother checked her daughter’s room after he was gone, and discovered that both the handle and lock on the bedroom window had been destroyed. When police arrived at Ravenscroft’s home later, he reportedly jumped out of a lower window to escape. He later surrendered after a long telephone conversation with police. He was released on bail, but police quickly re-arrested him when Ravenscroft reportedly turned up at the girl’s workplace later with a letter for her.

Ravenscroft had no previous convictions, and was surprisingly spared a prison sentence. He entered a plea of guilty to a charge of stalking. In total, he was given a 12-week sentence, which was suspended for two years. He was also fined £100, payable to the girl. Ravenscroft was ordered to complete 80 hours of community service, and he will be on probation or an undisclosed amount of time. The girl also has a restraining order against him, which will prohibit him from going near her or texting her from under her bed.

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Cops: Man, dressed as woman, linked to robbery spree

Cops: Man, dressed as woman, linked to robbery spreeThe News JournalA Delaware man with an affinity for dressing up as a woman when he robbed banks in the tri-state area was arrested when authorities from three states closed in on him Thursday at a New…

Man charged with murder in death of Shelburne toddler

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AirBNB Tenant From Hell Refuses To Leave Palm Springs Rental

With hotel room rates rising, Airbnb has become a godsend for frugal travelers looking to book digs that don’t cost a  zillion dollars.

For those unfamiliar with the site, Airbnb allows people to rent accommodations from local hosts in over 190 countries. Most times, it’s a seamless arrangement that best suits home owners looking to make some extra cash and renters wanting affordable housing.

Sadly, San Francisco resident Cory Tschogl has been dealing with the tenant from hell since renting her 600 square-foot Palm Springs condo for the past year through Airbnb to a man named Maksym.

The renter asked to book Tschogl’s place for a month while on an extended business trip and booked the condo for 44 days, from May 25 to July 8. Maksym paid for the first month in advance but expressed his dissatisfaction with the rental almost immediately.

Two days into his stay, he asked for a refund and Tschogl obliged. However, the jilted renter refused to leave. He ended up staying the duration of his original reservation and, as expressed in a terse text message, had no intention of leaving.

Oh, and if Tschogl attempted to shut off the utilities, he’d sue. Unaware of renter’s rights, the San Fran landlord learned that “according to California law, once someone rents a property for 30 days, that person automatically becomes a tenant on a month-to-month lease.”

Tschogl has started the eviction process, which could last three to six months and cost up to $5,000 in legal fees. Airbnb has offered to cover the court costs but holds Tschogl responsible for the actual eviction.

In the meantime, Maksym is still living in the condo… for free.

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Call for Troops at Border Echoes Earlier Requests


Friday, July 25, 2014

Texas Department of Safety Troopers patrol on the Rio Grande along the U.S.-Mexico border, Thursday, July 24, 2014, in Mission, Texas. Texas is spending $1.3 million a week for a bigger DPS presence along the border. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, Pool)

McALLEN, Texas (AP) — When Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced the deployment of up to 1,000 armed National Guard troops to the Mexican border he was speaking to voters in Iowa as much as Texas.

LawOfficer: Texas Governor Deploys National Guard Troops to Border

The one-time and possible future presidential candidate is in the waning months of his third and final term as governor. His visits to Iowa, including the weekend before his National Guard announcement, suggest he is considering another run for the Republican presidential nomination.

If Perry’s call for troops to the border sounds familiar, that’s because it’s not new. In early 2009, as he was running for re-election, Perry urged then Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to deploy 1,000 troops along the border in Texas. At the time Perry was quick to note that his concerns focused on the growing violence from Mexico’s warring drug cartels and the potential for a spillover into U.S. cities, including nearby El Paso.

Now, his worry is the arrival of more than 57,000 child immigrants, most of who are from Central America and crossing the border along a narrow corridor in the Rio Grande Valley. Perry had previously asked President Barack Obama to send National Guard troops to the border to help stem the flood of immigrants, and this week Perry deployed them under his own authority as governor.

“I will not stand idly by while our citizens are under assault and little children from Central America are detained in squalor,” Perry said Monday.

The deployment will cost Texas an estimated $12 million per month. Texas Adjutant General John Nichols said the troops’ top priority will be deterring illegal activity along the border and referring it to either state troopers or Border Patrol agents.

“If we find someone conducting illegal activities, smuggling, then DPS has arrest authority,” Nichols said. “If they are coming into the country illegally then they’ll refer them to CBP.”

Under the federal Posse Comitatus Act, National Guard troops can enforce state laws while deployed under Perry’s direction. But the soldiers will be able to do little more than call immigration authorities if they encounter immigrants who successfully cross the river into the United States.

The problem today is not immigrants crossing the border while trying to evade capture. Most of them caught in South Texas are surrendering to authorities. Border Patrol stations equipped to temporarily hold immigrants while they await processing have suddenly been clogged with children traveling alone.

Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia, the top elected official in the border county that has been most impacted by the surge in immigrant children and families, said Tuesday that guardsmen could be spaced out all along the border and it wouldn’t stop the women and children from stepping on U.S. soil and turning themselves in, Garcia said.

“It’s good media, but beyond that it’s not practical,” said Garcia, a Democrat. “People who don’t understand the situation are thinking it’s a great deal.”

In a letter to Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, Perry said he is deploying troops “because of continued federal inaction to secure the border. This is a crisis enabled by a porous border and worsened dramatically by President Obama’s misguided policies, which you support.”

Perry added the troops will also help address crime in Texas that he attributes to security conditions at the border.

Bob Dane, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington-based group that advocates for border security and lower legal immigration rates, said the troops will act as a “force multiplier” that will help discourage immigrants from trying to cross the border in the first place.

“It seems urgent, it seems fair,” Dane said of Perry’s decision.

The situation at the border has become a political crisis for Obama, who has been accused by Republicans of encouraging illegal immigration by creating a program to delay deportation for some young immigrants and implementing a series of prosecutorial discretion policies that have protected many others from facing removal.

The Senate last year passed a sweeping immigration bill that included a provision to add about 20,000 new Border Patrol agents, which would nearly double the agency for the second time in the last 10 years. House Republicans have insisted the first priority should be securing the border before other changes are made.

On Saturday night, Perry brought potential voters in Des Moines, Iowa to their feet when he said, “We know how to secure the border. If the federal government will not do its duty then I will suggest to you that the state of Texas will.” Less than 48 hours later, he called out the National Guard.


Caldwell contributed to this report from Washington.


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  July 25, 2014  

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