Tortures Alleged in Pennsylvania Prison

Tortures Alleged in Pennsylvania Prison      HARRISBURG, Pa. (CN) - Pennsylvania prison guards forced an inmate into a "Retard Olympics," a "humiliating, painful and physically harmful" ordeal that included being choked to unconsciousness for guards' amusement, the man claims in court.     James William Hicks Jr. sued the York County, its Department of Corrections, and jailers Daniel H. Graff, David M. Whitcomb, Mark A. Haynes and Adam S. Marcini on Sept. 26 in Federal Court. &nbs...

“Holy S**t, I Survived” — Woman Shoots Her Stalker As He Breaks Into Her Home

“Holy S**t, I Survived” — Woman Shoots Her Stalker As He Breaks Into Her Home On September 24, a Redditor by the handle of “ItsMissesStealYoCat” posted a plea for help in finding a private investigator to find the address of a man she dated briefly who was stalking and terrorizing her, so she could at the very least get a restraining order against him. The alleged acts of this stalker read like a laundry list of interpersonal terror. When he managed to avoid the first restraining order she obtained, she stated that he even taunted her with a text that it was “just...

Two Accused of Herbalife Inside Trading

     WASHINGTON (CN) - The SEC on Tuesday accused two men of inside trading on Herbalife stock.     Filip Szymik, of New York City, will settle by paying a $47,100 civil penalty, the SEC said in a settled complaint .     Jordan Peixoto , of Toronto, will fight the charges.     The SEC accuses the men of trading on inside information that hedge fund Pershing Square Management CEO William Ackman was...


Obamacare ST. LOUIS - The Consumers Council of Missouri sued the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in a federal FOIA complaint demanding information about medical insurance rates under the Affordable Care Act.


Embezzlement NASHVILLE - Universal Technologies, a high-tech defense contractor, claims employees embezzled more than $2 million through "forgery, fraud, bank fraud [and] forged powers of attorney," in Federal Court.

Fungal Meningitis

Fungal Meningitis CINCINNATI - Liberty Industries and Unifirst Corp. dba Uniclean Cleanroom Services contributed to the fatal fungal meningitis outbreak traced to New England Compounding Co. by poorly designing and cleaning the cleanrooms where the contaminated drugs were made, 18 people claim in Federal Court.

Shareholder Class Action

SEATTLE - Directors are selling Concur Technologies too cheaply through an unfair process to SAP America, for $129 a share or $8.3 billion, shareholders claim in King County Court.

Chinese Baby Formula

TRENTON, N.J. - Enzymotec raised $57.4 million at $14 a share in an IPO by misrepresenting its Chinese baby formula business, and the price fell to $9.11 when the truth came out, shareholders claim in a federal class action.


Yikes! LAS CRUCES, N.M. - The Hidalgo County (N.M.) Board of Commissioners threatened the life of the county manager for stopping county purchases of gasoline from a commissioner's company at inflated prices, Jose J. Salazar claims in Federal Court.

Managers Report Fakery in Prisons

TACOMA, Wash. (CN) - Washington state prison officials faked results of an inmate violence reduction project to reap millions in taxpayer dollars, two whistleblowers claim in court.     To qualify for another $1.8 million, the Department of Corrections claimed its pilot project reduced violence by 75 percent, though studies showed it actually had "no significant effect," according to the complaint in Pierce County Court.     Research managers...