Ventura Awarded $1.85 M in Defamation Case

     (CN) – A jury in Minneapolis awarded $1.85 million in damages to Jesse Ventura in his defamation case against late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle who said he punched out the former Minnesota governor for criticizing the SEALs…

Exoneration Inflation

This issue usually comes up in capital cases, and I have shamelessly pirated the title of this post from Ward Campbell’s article demolishing the so-called Innocence List.

It happens in noncapital cases, too, though.  A conviction is set aside, and no new conviction is obtained against the defendant.  There are many reasons consistent with guilt why this can happen.  Essential witnesses may be dead.  Evidence may be suppressed for reasons other than its reliability.  In noncapital cases, the defendant may have already served most or all of the prison sentence that could be obtained, so no additional criminal sanction is available or needed, so the prosecutor may just drop it.

Despite all this, there is frequently a PR campaign declaring the defendant “exonerated” with the implication that he has been proved innocent and scathing condemnation of the criminal justice system.  Sometime, to be sure, actually innocent people are convicted, and sometimes condemnation of actual misconduct is warranted.  But sometimes the “exonerated” defendant actually committed the crime.  Sometimes the defendant actually committed part of the crime.  Michael Armstrong, former Queens DA, has an article in the WSJ, Persistent Myths in the Central Park Jogger Case.

The panel’s report to Police Commissioner Kelly in 2003 suggested that it was “probable” that the defendants participated only in a preliminary “hit and run” attack on the jogger, similar to the other assaults for which they had been convicted. If that theory is correct, it seems clear that they served excessive prison terms. Others, pleading guilty to such offenses occurring on the same night, served two to three years, not six or 13.

Perhaps it is fair, though not required as a matter of law, to compensate the defendants for their extra prison time. But some thought should also be given to the blameless police officers and assistant district attorneys who, as a result of a well-orchestrated publicity campaign, have been subjected to public vilification, anonymous death threats and petitions calling for them to be fired.

The public outcry has been fueled by a documentary, “The Central Park Five,” produced by acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns and his daughter, Sarah. The film’s genesis was her college thesis and makes no pretense of objectivity. It is a montage of interview clips of the five defendants, backed by their supporters, urging that they are innocent of all wrongdoing and that their incriminating statements were the result of police misconduct.

There is no mention of Judge Galligan’s exhaustive opinion, or the lengthy hearing on which it was based, rejecting claims of official misconduct. Nor is reference made to the report of our panel; of the sworn testimony of D.A. Morgenthau’s officials; of my own unused, half-day taped interview in Mr. Burns’s studio; or of any other voice seriously presenting views either critical of the defendants or supportive of the police.

Mr. de Blasio has directed the payment of many millions of dollars in order to be fair to the defendants. He should also be fair to the police and prosecutors who work for the city he leads. The document settling the case should unequivocally state the truth–that the defendants were not abused or fed false information. And the mayor should firmly acknowledge those facts himself, in public.

  July 29, 2014  

Days after indictment, some details unclear in case against Orlando officer

Days after an Orlando police officer was indicted in a February shooting in an Orlando parking garage, officials have not revealed why he is facing charges and why other officers who opened fire will not.
The indictment charging Officer David Johnston …

Fatal End for Suspect in Vegas Crime Spree

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A police car sits near the scene of a home invasion in Las Vegas ib Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Police say a suspect is dead and multiple people were wounded in a Las Vegas crime spree that included a carjacking and two home invasions. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, Erik Verduzco)

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Police say a man has died after he was shot in his home during a Las Vegas crime spree that included a carjacking and two home invasions. One of the suspects is also dead.

Las Vegas police say the spree began about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, when a man and a woman carjacked a freeway service vehicle that had stopped to help them.

Authorities say the armed duo ended up in a neighborhood where they entered a home, stabbed a woman and shot the man who later died.

Police say that as officers arrived, the carjackers went to a second home and shot a woman.

Officials say police and the male suspect exchanged words before the suspect was fatally shot. The female suspect was arrested.

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  July 29, 2014  

Receiver in Ponzi Case Can’t Sue Law Firm

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The court-appointed receiver for R. Allen Stanford’s $7 billion Ponzi scheme cannot sue Proskauer Rose and Chadbourne & Parke in D.C. federal court because it lacks jurisdiction, the D.C. Circuit rule…

Man Dies After Las Vegas Carjacking, Home Invasion

Man Dies After Las Vegas Carjacking, Home InvasionABC NewsPolice say a man has died after he was shot in his home during a Las Vegas crime spree that included a carjacking and two home invasions. One of the suspects is also dead. Las Vegas police say t…

  July 29, 2014  

Nurse Sees Much of Suit Against Kaiser Tossed

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A federal court dismissed most of a nurse’s sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit but not her claim that Kaiser failed to accommodate a workplace injury.     Julieta Lud…

Elderly Woman Victim of Home Invasion; Two Arrested

Elderly Woman Victim of Home Invasion; Two Arrested
GALLIPOLIS, Ohio (WSAZ) — Two people are in custody following a home invasion where a 79-year-old woman was assaulted and robbed. The Gallia County Sheriff’s Office says the robbery happened at the elderly woman’s home along Payne Street in …
Bidwell , Gallia County , Ohio WCHS-TV8

  July 29, 2014  

Stepping Up Abductions, Extremists Perfected Their Crime

Stepping Up Abductions, Extremists Perfected Their CrimeNew York TimesWith little planning, an ill-equipped group of Islamic extremists succeeded in kidnapping 32 European citizens in the Algerian desert in 2003, holding them for up to six months and r…

  July 29, 2014  

HPD responding to officer-involved shooting in SW Houston

HPD responding to officer-involved shooting in SW HoustonKPRC HoustonPolice say an officer responded to a report of a burglary on the 10200 block of Amblewood near Green Glade Drive when he shot the suspected burglar. No injuries can be confirmed at th…

  July 29, 2014