Crime roundup


Sheriff’s Office

From incident reports at the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office:

July 13: A deputy answered a call about a dog that had bitten a boy on Old Louisville Road in the Guyton area. The deputy found two aggressive dogs.

While he was waiting for humane enforcement to arrive, a woman who was coming to his vehicle was bitten by one of the dogs. He scared the animals away and she went to get treatment for her injury.

Another woman said her child was bitten the day before. Four dogs were taken into custody.

July 13: A woman said her drunken boyfriend wanted her to drive him to the store but she refused because her license is suspended. She said he pushed her into the wall and left in the truck. Blue Jay Road in the Rincon area.

July 13: A couple who stay in a residence on the Webb’s Feed and Seed property argued. Both said they hit the other. A deputy could not determine the primary aggressor. They separated for the night.

July 15: A man who lives in a trailer on the Webb’s Feed and Seed property said someone stole $400 from his wallet as he slept. The money later turned up, stuffed between a bed frame and bench.

July 16: An owner and two employees argued at Webb’s Feed and Seed on Stillwell Road in the Springfield area. A deputy said the stories were conflicting and hard to understand.

An employee was accused of stealing chickens and dog food. An owner was accused of throwing an employee to the ground and calling him a vile name.

July 17: A resident of Frontage Road in the Rincon area said a Lincoln sedan was in his front yard. The driver appeared unconscious and unresponsive. The vehicle was running and in reverse gear. The driver was arrested for drunken driving.

July 18: A $300 window was broken on a new house being built on Blackwater Way in the Rincon area.

July 18: A resident of Longbridge Road in the Springfield area said her BB&T debit card was used to buy furniture at a Best Value Furniture store in Alpharetta. The charges were for $1,300 and $1,330.

Someone at the store said the furniture had not been delivered. The store agreed to work with local police to try to find who used the card illegally.

July 18: A woman said as she was packing to leave her boyfriend, he beat her head on the steps of the trailer and scratched her neck. Springfield Road in the Clyo area.

July 18: A resident of Sandyhill Road in the Bloomingdale area said she was sitting in her car, a 1998 Ford Taurus, when a tow truck came to repossess it. She said they damaged the car when they towed it to the road.

July 18: A stop sign was down on Road Atlanta and Lemons Drive in the Bloomingdale area. It had been pulled from the ground.

July 18: A couple argued on Shearouse Road in the Guyton area. The man said the woman struck him and left as deputies arrived. She later was arrested for simple battery and driving without a license.

July 18: A resident of a trailer on Goshen Road said she wants her boyfriend to move out because he becomes violent when he drinks. The man said she cheated on him when he was in the hospital. He said he would stay at a neighbor’s house until he sobers up and would then move.

July 18: A deputy stopped a vehicle with a burned-out headlight on Wallace Drive at Standard Lane. The driver was arrested for having a suspended license.

July 19: A drunken youth was arrested for purchasing alcohol under the age of 21 and for pedestrian under the influence of alcohol. Railroad Avenue in the Clyo area.

Rincon Police

From incident reports at the Rincon Police Department:

July 13: An officer was running radar on Long Street and Ga. 21 N., across from the Texaco Station. He stopped a car for going 86 mph in a 45 mph zone. The driver said he was going to Walmart. He was arrested for speeding, reckless driving and driving without a license. The car was towed.

July 14: A purple and gold bicycle that’s owned by a Vikings fan was stolen from the Rincon library, where it was chained to a bike rack.

An officer found the bicycle nearby, on Savannah Avenue. The officer said he was familiar with a man who was standing near the bike, saying he had dealt with him “on many occasions to include shoplifting at Walmart.”

At first, the man said the bike was there when he got home. The officer said it didn’t get there on its own and asked again how it got there. The man eventually admitted stealing the bike because he didn’t want to walk home. He was arrested for theft by taking.

July 15: A man said he left his wallet in the Dairy Queen. He said it contained his weapons permit, driver’s license and firefighter ID. It also had a digital key for fire station three. Towne Park Drive.

July 18: A Rincon woman said her former boyfriend assaulted her when she confronted him about the use of cocaine in her apartment. She said he bit her on the leg, pushed her to the ground and choked her until she nearly passed out.

Previously, she said he back-handed her so hard that her tooth went through her lip. Another time, she said he wrapped the cord to an iron around her neck and tried to choke her until she was unconscious.

July 19: An officer stopped a van for having no tail lights on W. Ninth Street. The driver was warned for the tail lights and cited for no insurance. The vehicle was towed.

July 19: A man said his brother-in-law told him on Facebook to not come around anymore, and if he did, he would “put two to his dome,” which he said is street slang meaning he would shoot him in the head twice.

The man said he was going to Metter the next day and would be near the brother-in-law. Police in Metter were notified about the situation. Walnut Way.

July 19: An unknown caller reported a black pickup truck driving recklessly on Ga. 21. An officer stopped the driver and arrested him for drunken driving, open container and possession of liquid steroids.

He told the officer that he had played in a softball tournament and that he’d “only had about eight beers.”

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  July 30, 2014  

Todd Rundgren Faces Hurdles in Bank Fracas

     (CN) – Musician Todd Rundgren and his wife face administrative hurdles in their lawsuit alleging that Washington Mutual Bank defrauded them, the 9th Circuit ruled Tuesday.     Todd and Michele Rund…

Crime Report

Some kids in Johnson City have been using their summer to learn about science and technology.

Today, a group of students left the classroom behind for some hands-on learning in a STEM program hosted by the Greater Love Church.

“STEM” stands for science, technology engineering and math, and this program had middle school students getting a good dose of each subject. Today they were learning about astronomy and mapping out the solar system inside the Mini Dome at E.T.S.U.

The goal is to help the kids learn by doing. Jayden Anderson, a rinsing seventh grader tells News 5, “For me it’s been a great experience, because, well, it’s preparing me for seventh grade. You learn a lot more at your own pace here than you do at your regular school.”

 The kids will also be learning about biology and later, at the Gray Fossil Site, they’ll check out some fossils and other things.

The program lasts for four week. Volunteers from East Tennessee State University as well as from around the community instruct the kids throughout the summer program.

  July 29, 2014  

Child, sex trafficking summit to be held Wednesday in Van Nuys

Hoping to find a solution to the area’s endemic cycle of prostitution, the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council will hold a child and sex trafficking summit Wednesday night with presentations by survivors, activists and local and federal law enforcement agencies.

“This issue keeps coming up before our council over and over again,” said George Thomas, president of the neighborhood council. “It’s the number one issue I keep getting asked about as a council president.”

Presentations include discussions from a survivor who was a minor when she was sex trafficked, as well as members of the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI.

Sex trafficking has become a leading topic in Los Angeles County for the last several years. The issue has been most troublesome among teens in foster care, who run away from homes then find themselves trafficked by area gang members. City and county leaders as well as the LAPD and other agencies have been working on new approaches to decrease prostitution; the latest push is to punish the pimps and johns and rehabilitate girls and young women.

Last year, for example, 1,077 people were arrested for prostitution by LAPD officers in the San Fernando Valley. Sixty-three others were arrested for pimping, pandering or supervising prostitution. That disparity in the number of arrests among the groups will be discussed at Wednesday night’s summit, Thomas said, as well as options to deter the cycle, such as mandatory john school or impounding automobiles for 30 days.

A global look at the issue also will be presented by Deborah Quigley, who was a flight attendant for United Airlines for 31 years. Quigley was a volunteer for Airline Ambassadors International. She will discuss how traffickers use the public transportation industry, and what the airlines are doing about it.

“I created a training program that raises an awareness with airlines and airports and how we can all do our part,” Quigley said. “We can all do our part to recognize what a trafficked person and a trafficker looks like. It’s not the airlines’ responsibility, but it’s all of our responsibility.”

Thomas said members of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council will use all that they have learned form the summit to craft a proposal to send to local and state representatives.

“The goal of the summit is to propose new policies to address this issue,” Thomas said.“With all the major players speaking about it, we’re hoping that this debate will produce new ideas for state legislation and citywide ordinances.”

Wednesday night’s child and sex trafficking summit will be held at 6:30 at 6262 Van Nuys Boulevard and the summit will take place in the council chambers. For more information, go to

  July 29, 2014  

Satanists Seek Hobby Lobby Ruling Exemption

     (CN) – A group of Satanists claims their followers are exempt from informed-consent abortion laws, citing the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling that frees closely held companies from funding insurance for contraceptives d…

Council Backs Off Deficit Budget, Name Change Brings Controversy

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Senator Noreen Evans on Tuesday urged the Judicial Council not to waste good will between the courts, the Legislature and the governor’s office by assuming legislators will make up for a projected shor…

Fort Worth officer shoots, injures suspect in series of armed Craigslist robberies

Staff Writer Julie Fancher reports:

Fort Worth police shot and injured a man suspected in a string of Craigslist-related armed robberies Tuesday afternoon, the department said.

The shooting occurred as undercover officers were conducting a sting operation in the case about 2:30 p.m. in the 6300 block of McCart Avenue in South Fort Worth, said Sgt. Raymond Bush, a department spokesman.

Bush said members of the robbery unit, along with the narcotics and zero-tolerance officers, had been working to identify a suspect in a series of heists in which victims were robbed when they met the suspect to conduct Craiglist transactions — typically involving items like tennis shoes.

Officers set up a meeting with the suspect, who had not been identified Tuesday. When they moved in to arrest him, he displayed a handgun in the waistband of his pants and was shot once by a uniformed officer, Bush said. The officer wasn’t named.

No officers were injured, Bush said. The man was in stable condition at an area hospital.

Police detained a second suspect, who also had not been identified.

The officer was placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation


Alaska Woman May Get Same-Sex Death Benefits

     (CN) – An Alaska woman may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits after her same-sex partner was murdered on the job, the state’s highest court ruled.     Kerry Fadely worked as a hote…

Police search for robbery suspect

Police search for robbery suspect
KSAT San Antonio
Police said a man walked up to the business and pointed a gun at the clerk, who was standing outside. He ordered him inside, while demanding money. Police said the clerk went inside as the robber held the gun to the clerk’s back. The clerk got the

  July 29, 2014