Naked Woman Arrested For Breaking Into House Through Doggie Door Tells Her Side Of The Story (And It’s Unbelievable!)

In April of last year, 25-year-old Sara Elizabeth Soto was arrested for stripping down naked, breaking into a Weatherford, Texas home through the doggie door and hanging out in the homeowners’ bathtub. Her doggie door stunt earned her Internet infamy along with misdemeanor, criminal trespassing and criminal mischief charges.

A little more than a year later, MTV gave the “aspiring hip-hop artist” who goes by the moniker Sara Toke-A-Lot a chance to tell her side of the story before she goes to jail again for probation violation…or something.

The important part is HER side of the story, which I must say, is EPIC. Like, Shakespearian.

The unbelievable series of events which led to her arrest all started, Soto claimed, when she found out she was adopted.

“So obviously I wanted to get away from my house. I just found out the truth… I’d just found out I don’t know who my father or mother is,” she told MTV.

It just gets better from there. Here is the abbreviated version, straight from Sara Toke-A-Lot’s mouth.

First, she gets in a car accident:

“[My] a** tries driving west. I got to Weatherford and it was late. I had spun out of control because of an 18-wheeler, and I wind up in a ditch. I manage to make it out of there, walk down the freeway — somebody offered to help me, but they were super scary. I made it to the cop station at 12:45, 1:00 in the morning. I’m like, ‘Hey, I was in an accident.’ I explained to the cop where it happened. He gets my car towed.”

She discovers that her phone is dead, so she tries to find one she can use…the hard way:

“I walk toward some houses — maybe somebody will let me use their phone. I knocked on six houses and nobody opened the door. … I was scared ’cause I was by myself. What if [someone] brings me in the house and that’s the last you ever hear of me?

I start going to people’s backyards. I’ve NEVER broken into a house before. I have music in my head, I have Led Zeppelin going, I’m in ninja mode. [I decide] I’ll grab a cell phone, call my mom and leave. I’ll meet her at an intersection. I’m going by windows in people’s backyards, and I’m nervous. I see this doggy door.”

She strips down, for logical reasons:

“What went through my mind subconsciously was, if I take off my dress at this doggy door, I cannot get blamed for stealing anything [or having a weapon] if I have nowhere to put it. Two, the shock factor. If somebody were to be in there, whether it was a male or female, they’d ask me, ‘Are you OK?’

So I take off my dress and panties at the doggy door, so they wouldn’t shoot me…so they’re not scared of me stealing or trying to kill anybody.”

She jumps in the bathtub because the alarm goes off:

“I allegedly went through the doggy door — I didn’t go through it! Everybody’s wrong… I put my hands through the doggy door and unlock the door…and walk in [the normal way]…“I don’t see a phone and the alarm sounded and I was like, ‘S**t,’ but I was already in the house. I saw one door, it was the bathroom, so I sit in there.”

She busts a rhyme in the back of the cop car (video below):

“They put me in the back of a cop car and I’m chill as can be. I say I’m not good with words — I freestyle, I’m a rap artist — and the cop’s like, ‘You wanna bust a rhyme for me?’ I bust a freestyle in the back of the cop car; he puts that s**t on YouTube. … He cut out the part where I said I just found out I’m adopted, the part that would make me look sympathetic.”

Suffice it to say, her night ended up with her allegedly being “bruised,” “maced” and sent to the psych ward. Soto was cagey about her continued legal woes, saying:

“I’m still going to court for it. I had a warrant…since my court date was when I was in that hospital they sent me to, which I think is ridiculous, and then I was not advised of my second court date. I did time earlier this year for it. It’s messing with my legal status bad honestly. The probation officer isn’t [returning my calls]. Hmph, the system.”

There also appears to be some other kind of legal trouble she got into in the interim, but she didn’t specify.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Source: MTV

Photo: Facebook

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Hero Of The Week: “Karate Clerk” Breaks Out MMA Moves On Would-Be Robbers

When thieves in Houston descended upon a gas station employee who was returning to the station with a bank bag full of money, they had no idea of the world of hurt they were about to unleash upon themselves.

As the clerk got out of his car, the thieves struck. In the video below, you can see the first thief jump the clerk before he can even get the car door closed. They were apparently watching from an SUV that you can see back up on the right as the clerk exits the car. Within seconds, Mayura Dissanayake jumped into action. From his position behind the counter in the gas station, Dissanayakae saw his colleague being attacked. He ran out the door, immediately going after the robbers with fists flying.

What the robbers didn’t know was that Dissanayake is a mixed martial artist who has been training for over a decade, and holds five back-to-back national championships in his native Sri Lanka. Dissanayake quickly used those epic hand-to-hand skills to not only knock the two thieves off of his colleague, but also take down one of those robbers as his buddies ran off without him. Dissanayake held the thief in what is called “submission” until police arrived. That robber, identified as 33-year-old Odell Mathis, was charged with robbery with bodily injury. He posted bail and is released pending trial. The other two thieves managed to escape. The police are still searching for them, and Dissanayake is ever watchful of them returning to finish the job.

In a development that surprised nobody, the story of the clerk who fought off the robbers with his fists has gone viral, even earning him the nickname “Karate Clerk” from one local news outlet and getting his picture on the front page of at least one Sri Lankan newspaper. We suspect his swoon-worthy display of heroism and bravery will earn him more than a few new female fans when he next steps into the ring for a match.

KPRC 2 Houston brings us this report on Dissanayake and his story, which in the last day or so has gone viral.

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  July 30, 2014  

Big Game Hunting Guide Pleads Guilty to Felony Conspiracy Charge in Connection with Colorado Outfitter’s Illegal Mountain Lion and Bobcat Hunting Activities

Office of Public Affairs


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Game Hunting Guide Pleads Guilty to Felony Conspiracy Charge in Connection with Colorado Outfitter’s Illegal Mountain Lion and Bobcat Hunting Activities

Nicholaus J. Rodgers, 31, of Shady Cove, Oregon, pleaded guilty in federal court in Denver to a felony conspiracy charge stemming from the assistance he provided to an outfitter who sold illegal mountain lion and bobcat hunts in Colorado and Utah, the Justice Department announced.

Rodgers pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act.

The Lacey Act is a federal law that makes it illegal to knowingly transport or sell in interstate commerce any wildlife that has been taken or possessed in violation of state laws or regulations.

According to an indictment returned by the grand jury for the District of Colorado on Jan. 7, 2014, and the plea agreement, Rodgers conspired with others to provide numerous illegal hunts of mountain lions and bobcats in Colorado and Utah from 2007 to 2009.

In particular, Rodgers and his confederates trapped, shot and caged mountain lions and bobcats prior to hunts in order to provide easier chases of the cats for clients.

Rodgers also admits that he and his partners guided several hunters that did not possess a Utah mountain lion or bobcat license on mountain lion or bobcat hunts in Utah.

The outfitter for whom Rodgers guided, Christopher W. Loncarich, was also indicted on Jan. 7, 2014.

Loncarich is based in Mack, Colorado, which is approximately five miles from the Utah-Colorado border.

Loncarich sold mountain lion hunts for between $3,500 and $7,500 and bobcat hunts for between $700 and $1,500 and shared a portion of the proceeds from successful hunts with Rodgers.

Three of Loncarich’s assistant guides have previously pleaded guilty to Lacey Act violations in connection with their guiding activities with Loncarich.

The maximum penalty for conspiring to violate the Lacey Act is up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, the prosecution agreed to a sentencing calculation pursuant to the advisory United States Sentencing Guidelines but did not agree on a term of imprisonment, an amount of fines or an amount of restitution.

A sentencing hearing for Rodgers is set for Nov. 7, 2014.

The case was investigated by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

The case is being prosecuted by the Environmental Crimes Section of the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division.


# # #


Environment and Natural Resources Division

  July 30, 2014  

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