World News Wednesday: British Veterinarian Banned in the U.K. For “Disgraceful Conduct” With Animals

James Harriot he ain’t.

Veterinarian Oliver Fraser Lown of Suffolk, England has been banned from practicing in the U.K. after evidence showing him having sex with a horse and a dog were provided as evidence before a panel of members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). Lown, who received his degree in Hungary, had previously admitted in 2011 to another RCVS panel that he possessed “grossly offensive” extreme images of people with animals and that same year he allegedly boasted of his indecent activities with animals “via a computer messaging system.”

In their findings the RCVS was able to identify Lown in the videos, in which he was “engaging in sexual activity with a horse in a stable setting and a dog in a house setting” partly because of a green star shaped tattoo on one of his legs. We are going to refrain from offering anymore details because thankfully no more have been offered.

In banning him from practicing in the U.K., or in RCVS-speak, striking him off the Registrar, Chair of the Disciplinary Committee Professor Noreen Brown said “The committee has no doubt the conduct was of the utmost seriousness, the material found in his possession and his own conduct involved the abuse of animals and a total lack of respect for their welfare.

Lown doesn’t get the title of Worst Vet of the Year, but he certainly has made the shortlist.

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Police Union Out of Stop-and-Frisk Remedies Case

     MANHATTAN (CN) -The New York City Police Department’s union cannot intervene in a settlement reforming stop-and-frisk policies found to discriminate against blacks and Latinos in a landmark ruling last year, a federal judg…

10 points show judge’s opinion on Zan kidnapping case

10 points show judge’s opinion on Zan kidnapping case
Springfield News-Leader
At the completion of the trial, Holden took time to review hours of surveillance video from the night of the alleged kidnapping. The alleged victim testified in court last month that Alanazi and another man, Rayan Alqabbaa, 22, took her from the club

Bartender Accidentally Sets Man’s Face On Fire With Flaming Shot

LMFAO’s song “Shots” usually sets the party ablaze. However, we’re not sure what was playing when a bartender accidentally set a customer’s face on fire with a flaming shot.

The incident happened in Lithuania, of all places, and occurred when a man at the bar ordered a Flaming Lamborhini—which is a combination of Kahlua, sambuca, Blue Curacao liqueur and Bailey’s Irish cream—and man’s face caught fire while the bartender set the shot aflame.

Lucky for us, someone in the crowd captured the entire thing on video. (Watch at your own risk!) Fellow bar-goers helped the man put out the fire on his face.

After being treated for burns on his face and ears, the man may need plastic surgery, which the club has said they will pay for.

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Gun rights advocates are winning in the shootout over gun control

Gun rights advocates are winning in the shootout over gun control
WASHINGTON, D.C. – If you have the urge to stroll in an American city where it isn’t legal to carry a gun around, you’d better come to Washington, D.C., pronto. The District has long had some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, but courts

  July 30, 2014  

Mom faces child-neglect charge after leaving baby in hot minivan

A 2-month-old girl was hospitalized after she was left in a hot car in east Orange County, authorities said. (Video from Fox 35)

Police Make Massive $400000 Drug Bust in BC

Police Make Massive $400000 Drug Bust in BCKelownaNowThe Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit BC (CFSEU) has busted three active gang members and seized close to $400,000 in drugs. In early July CFSEU-BC launched an investigation into alleged drug …

  July 30, 2014  

Brewer Man Accused of Eluding Police After A Chase, Car Crash Formally …

Brewer Man Accused of Eluding Police After A Chase, Car Crash Formally …WABIThe grand jury has indicted a Brewer man accused of eluding police after a chase and car crash. 33-year old Charles Fling is also charged with burglary and theft. A homeowner…

  July 30, 2014