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Missing Child, Kidnapped By Her Mother 12 Years Ago, Rescued In Mexico City


Officials say child who went missing 12 years ago has been found and rescued in Mexico City. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Sabrina Allen was only 4 years old with big blue eyes and pigtails when she went missing.

Now, according to reports, the person who allegedly snatched her also changed her hair color and kept her in an undisclosed location for years. Authorities report that Allen was abducted by her own mother.

Photo: FBI

On April 21, 2002, according to the FBI, Dora Llorens, was the child’s non-custodial mother, did not return Sabrina to her father after a scheduled weekend visit in Texas.

Although the future was uncertain, Sabrina’s father, Greg Allen, never gave up hope in finding his daughter. Now, after all these years, he will have the opportunity to be reunited with his little girl.

Sabrina is now 17-years-old.

No word yet on what led the U.S. Marshals, FBI and local Mexican authorities to a location where Sabrina had been kept all this time, but officials say she is being evaluated and receiving medical help.

According to the FBI, Llorens has been wanted for allegedly violating the terms of her court-ordered custody agreement. In 2002, a court in Texas issued a warrant charging Llorens with interference with child custody and a federal arrest warrant was issued as well for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, the FBI said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says every single year nearly 200,000 children are taken by a family member.

USA Today said one Mexican Police officer got into a struggle with Llorens when he was attempting to make the rescue. His injuries are not serious.

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Photo: National Center For Missing And Exploited Children

Secret Service Chief Feels Heat over White House Intruder



Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, left, is sworn in on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept, 30, 2014, prior to testifying before the House Oversight Committee as it examines details surrounding a security breach at the White House when a man climbed over a fence, sprinted across the north lawn and dash deep into the executive mansion before finally being subdued. Pierson is joined at the witness table by Ralph Basham, a former Secret Service director, now a partner with Command Consulting Group, a private security firm, and Todd M. Keil, far right, senior advisor with TorchStone Page, a private security firm. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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Update: Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigns amid recent White House security breach.


WASHINGTON (AP) — A senior Republican lawmaker called for Secret Service Director Julia Pierson to resign, and a senior Democrat said he is not comfortable with her leading the agency, as support for Pierson eroded Wednesday in the wake of her poorly received testimony about the White House break-in.

House Speaker John Boehner stopped short of calling for Pierson’s resignation in a statement, but backed a call for an independent investigation and said, “the president must make a swift determination on whether the agency is being well-served by its current leadership.”

“Unfortunately, the Secret Service director’s appearance before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee has left us with more questions than answers,” the Ohio Republican said. “The more we discover, the clearer it becomes that the Secret Service is beset by a culture of complacency and incompetence.”

Two senior members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are seeking further information in the hours after a congressional hearing Tuesday in in which Pierson sought to explain the embarrassing White House security breach, but failed to satisfy lawmakers.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican, told Fox News Channel: “It’s time that she be fired by the president of the United States or she resign.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Democrat, said in an NPR interview that Pierson “is not the person to lead that agency,” echoing similar comments he made in other interviews on Wednesday. He later clarified that he felt that if Pierson can’t restore trust among her agents, “then she should go.”

And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi added her voice to calls for an independent investigation, arguing that the president’s protection must be precise and flawless.

“There has to be accountability when that is not the case,” Pelosi said.

The Sept 19 incident involving a Texas Army veteran who jumped the White House fence and was able to make it deep into the Executive Mansion before being stopped is now just one of several embarrassing disclosures about lapses in presidential security involving the Secret Service.

Despite more than three hours of questioning by House lawmakers on Tuesday, Pierson neglected to mention another security breach that occurred just days before.

On Sept. 16, a security contractor armed with a gun who had previously been arrested for assault rode on an elevator with Obama and his security detail at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, violating Secret Service protocol. It was not immediately clear Wednesday whether the contractor, who was not identified by name, had actually been convicted of a crime. The Washington Examiner and The Washington Post reported details of that breach and reported that the guard had been convicted, just hours after Pierson finished testifying at the House hearing. A convicted person generally is not allowed to carry a gun.

A Secret Service spokesman confirmed the Atlanta elevator incident late Tuesday but did not elaborate, citing an ongoing investigation of the episode. It was not clear whether the president or Pierson herself knew about the incident until recently.

Pierson on Tuesday had heard a vote of low confidence from the lawmakers, who called at that time instead for additional reviews into the agency’s incidents. The chairman of the House committee with oversight responsibilities for the Secret Service called for an independent commission to do a “top-to-bottom” review of the agency.

At the hearing, Pierson said she is the one who briefs Obama on threats to his personal security and said she had briefed him only once this year, “for the Sept. 19 incident.” She also disclosed that shortly before the alleged intruder, Omar J. Gonzalez, scaled the fence at least two of her uniformed officers recognized him from an earlier troubling encounter but did not approach him or report his presence to superiors.

On Aug. 25, Gonzalez was stopped while carrying a small hatchet near the fence south of the White House, Pierson said.

Lawmakers were aghast, too, about a four-day delay in 2011 before the Secret Service realized a man had fired a high-powered rifle at the White House, as reported by the Post on Sunday.

Pierson told the hearing the security plan for protecting the White House was not “properly executed” on Sept. 19 when the intruder sprinted across the White House North Lawn and through the unlocked front door of the mansion, knocking over a Secret Service officer and then running past the staircase that leads to the first family’s residential quarters. He ran through the East Room before being tackled by a Secret Service agent near the entrance to the Green Room. The Post reported Tuesday that the agent was off duty at the time and just happened to be in the area.

The Secret Service’s story about the extent of that breach changed late Monday night after the Post reported that Gonzalez got well past the front door of the White House. Previously it had said Gonzalez had been stopped just inside the front door. After hours of questioning Tuesday, it remained unclear what and when Pierson and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson knew about the incident. The Secret Service is part of the Homeland Security Department.

Three days after the breach, Johnson described it as “events on the North Lawn of the White House.”

No one has been fired or demoted since the Sept. 19 White House intrusion.

Gonzalez was indicted Tuesday and was scheduled to appear Wednesday before Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson in U.S. District Court.

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Teens arrested after chase, crash of stolen car

Teens arrested after chase, crash of stolen car
GARDEN GROVE – Two teens were arrested early Wednesday morning following a car chase that ended when the vehicle they were driving crashed, police said. The 17-year-old boys from Anaheim were booked into Orange County Juvenile Hall for auto …

Two Englewood men charged in Tenafly street robbery

Two Englewood men charged in Tenafly street robberyNJ.comEdwin D. Molina and Elvin B. Gonzalez, both 19, of Englewood, were each charged with robbery and weapons possession, according to police. A woman and man were walking on Tenafly Road, near Rivere…

Arrest Made in Louisville School Shooting


DYLAN LOVAN, Associated Press |

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Students put their hands on their heads as they are lead out of Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Ky. on Tuesday, Sept. 30 2014 after a shooting. Officials said a student was injured and one person was being sought in connection with the incident. (AP Photo/The Courier-Journal, Scott Utterback)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A juvenile was arrested Tuesday in the shooting of a high school student that prompted a school-wide lockdown and evacuation, police in Louisville, Kentucky, said.

Sgt. Phil Russell said the alleged shooter was picked up about three hours after a Fern Creek Traditional High School student was wounded Tuesday afternoon.

The wounded student had non-life threatening injuries and was reunited with parents at University Hospital, Russell said. He didn’t say if the injured student and shooter knew each other or if the shooter was a student at Fern Creek.

Russell said the suspect left the 1,400-student school immediately after firing the shot.

“It appears it is an isolated incident that happened just inside the school,” Russell said. “Obviously a large crime scene, but it was isolated to just inside the building.”

Video from television stations showed police escorting students with their hands over their heads out of the school in the southern part of the city to a nearby softball field.

Police cars surrounded the 91-year-old school.

Dajon Rhodes, a 17-year-old junior at the school, was on the third floor when she heard shots fired.

“I just heard a loud pow-pow and I took off running,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes, who said she has a class with the student who was shot, said she ran from the room away from the sound. After a few minutes, students were herded back into the classrooms and the doors locked. The police came and told everyone to get on the ground and stay away from the door.

“They were running around with their guns out,” Rhodes said.

Tiata Rodgers, parent of a senior at Fern Creek said her 17-year-old son called right after hearing a gunshot.

Rodgers said her son whispered into the phone, but she didn’t believe him. Rogers said her son told her, “No this is real. They’re shooting.” The student said after the shooting “everybody just went running everywhere, shoving kids in classrooms and locking the doors,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers lives nearby and made beeline for the campus.

“I jumped up and ran over here,” Rodgers said.

Jefferson County Public Schools spokesman Ben Jackey said the school went into lockdown with students put in classrooms. After police arrived, students were led out before being taken to a nearby park for dismissal.

Students at a nearby elementary school with a later dismissal were restricted to their building, Jackey said.

“This is senseless. This is unacceptable,” Jackey said. “This cannot happen in our school. This is not the type of things students should be exposed to.”

Traffic around the school was backed up as parents streamed into the area to pick up their children. Officers were directing traffic to a nearby park, but parents were parking their cars and walking down the street to meet their children.

The school, which opened in 1923, concentrates on communications, media and arts. It has a student-run radio station, WFHS.

Earlier Tuesday, a student was shot by a fellow student outside a North Carolina high school just minutes before classes began, and the suspect then waited for police to arrive, authorities said.

That shooting happened around 7:40 a.m. as the two male students argued in an on-campus courtyard at Albemarle High School, Albemarle Police Chief William Halliburton said at a news conference.

The shooter put down his gun after firing two shots, walked into the principal’s office and waited for police, Halliburton said.


Associated Press writer Brett Barrouquere contributed to this report.

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Two Algerians investigated over Frenchman’s kidnapping

Two Algerians investigated over Frenchman’s kidnapping – sources
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