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Custody fight starts car chase between parents

Custody fight starts car chase between parents
Washington Times
GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) – A custody dispute sparked a high-speed chase between a mother and father in Oregon. Police say that a 21-year-old mother attempted to ram her children’s father off the road during the chase in Grants Pass on Saturday.
Woman chases husband, 3 children in minivan after custody dispute Grants Pass Daily Courier (subscription)

Man arrested in Palmer following alleged kidnapping

Man arrested in Palmer following alleged kidnapping
(WWLP) – A woman and infant are both unharmed Sunday night after being kidnapped by a man who drove them into western Massachusetts. State Police say a woman and her 11-month-old child were both forced into a white SUV in Worcester shortly after 2 …

Suspect dead, officers hurt in Kent shooting and fire

Suspect dead, officers hurt in Kent shooting and fireKIRO SeattlePolice are investigating an officer-involved shooting and fire in Kent that left a suspect dead and officers hurt Sunday. The incident happened in the area near the Carpinito Brothers in …

State Police apprehend Worcester kidnapping suspect on Mass Pike in Ludlow

State Police apprehend Worcester kidnapping suspect on Mass Pike in LudlowMassLive.comA Massachusetts State Police trooper patrolling the Massachusetts Turnpike Sunday afternoon apprehended a man wanted for allegedly kidnapping a woman and an 11-month-…

Mysterious mummified woman identified, many questions remain

Pia Davida Farrenkopf on April 12, 2008

The mummified remains of a woman found in March 2014 in her Pontiac, Michigan, home have positively been identified by DNA comparison as Pia Davida Farrenkopf. Originally thought to have been a German national, her niece says she is Belgian and Irish and is originally from South Boston, Massachusetts.

Much of the information from this post was taken from the Facebook page:  Mummified in Michigan, set up by a woman who says she if Farrenkopf’s niece and goddaughter.

According to that page, Farrenkopf was found dead in her garage, in back seat of her Jeep with $500 in her purse, her wallet was intact and her cell phone wiped clean of all contacts, calls and messages.

Since then investigators haven’t found much. When exactly Farrenkopf was last seen is not known, since she was gone so often for work and was an extremely private person in general.

  • In 2007, at a neighbor’s request, police were asked to do a welfare check. They reportedly broke in the door, and didn’t find Farrenkopf , but removed her cat and dog from the premises. It is thought that Farrenkopf  had since returned, and that she walked her dog daily.
  • Farrenkopf  quit her job with Chrysler in 2008.
  • On the Mummified in Michigan Facebook page, her niece notes that in 2009 $1,200 was withdrawn from Farrenkopf’s bank account, not an automatic transaction.
  • According to police, in 2009 a call was made from her now-disconnected cell phone. Police say they cannot trace that call.
  • While it seemed as though Farrenkopf voted in 2010, investigators are now saying she didn’t, calling it a clerical error.

Farrenkopf ‘s bills, mortgage included, were automatically paid by her bank, until the money in her account ran out. Her mail went to the post office, and a lawn service took care of the mowing. Sometime after the house went into foreclosure, though not immediately, Farrenkopf’s body was found. There were no pets in the house.

Farrenkopf ‘s home was auctioned off 11 days after the body was found. Police did not take her computers or open the unopened boxes from her mail. The niece says that the case was being investigated as a homicide, but police have made no such statement to the press. The niece writes on Facebook that the contractor that was to dispose of Farrenkopf ‘s belongings offered to send the family anything they requested, but since making their request in writing, they have not heard back from him.

The medical examiner’s office, who said there was no trauma to the body, was not able determined how or when Farrenkopf died. Results of toxicology tests have not been released. DNA submitted back in March by her sister this month confirmed that Farrenkopf was her sister, so the remains have been released to the family. Strangely, on the Facebook page for Farrenkopf, her niece says that her dental records were destroyed. She points out that Farrenkopf could have been identified much more quickly through dental records.

Investigators told the family that Farrenkopf was suffering from extreme back pain, and that her doctors had recommended surgery. They have suggested that Farrenkopf just crawled into the back of her Jeep and died there, but guesses are far from facts in a case where so many unanswered questions remain.

Owner’s mummified body found in foreclosed Detroit-area home

Kidnapped girl, 5, killed in Kansas shootout with police

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